Our services

Debt Purchase / NPL

Debt Purchase is buying performing och non-performing, secure and unsecured debts from a company. The price depends on the age and quality of the debt. Axactor can buy all or parts of your debts. We analyze the debt and give an offer of what we can pay for it. You get more value and cash flow and the debtor gets new payment options.

Axactor has a well-functioning integration process of new portfolios ensuring that the portfolios quickly get into production. As soon as the cases have been transferred to Axactor, our experienced employees get started on the collection.

Let us take over the risk and work with getting paid for your invoices.

Debt collection / 3PC

Axactor helps many customers with both amicable and legal collection services. Amicable collection is when Axactor takes over recovery of the debt before the claims become enforceable or when the customer decides. But sometimes it’s necessary to take legal action to recover a debt. Axactor have teams that can prepare all the legal actions required to present the case to the court. We also continue to do amicable collection to solve the case as smooth as possible.

If the debt is not recovered through amicable or legal collection, the debt can be put on surveillance. We have specialized teams that can monitor and detect change in the financial circumstances of your customers. In such cases we get in contact with the debtor directly to agree on a payment schedule. This enables you to receive money from claims that you might already have written off.

We give you a quick and smooth requirement process and manage your late payments with friendliness and firmness so can continue to have a positive relationship with your customers. Axactor helps you get your payments faster and bring down outstanding credits.

You focus on your business, we’ll take care of your late payments.

Account Receivables Management / ARM

ARM is when Axactor follows up on your issued invoices to make sure they are paid on time. We monitor you invoices and send out reminders with the hopes for settlement before the case has moved into the phase of amicable debt collection. Our modern systems makes it possible to tailor routines especially for you. It’s safe and easy to get started and you will have control over the whole process.

We help you increase the level of timely payments, improve your liquidity and reduce the cost of the invoice process. And you maintain a positive relationship with your customers.