AXACTOR ITALY S.p.A. has always been careful to the needs of its customers by taking the utmost care to ensure complete satisfaction.

In fact, the priority objective of the Company is constantly to improve the quality of the relationship with customers, listening to their needs and adopting initiatives aimed at raising the quality of the service rendered to customers.

The handling of a complaint therefore represents a further moment of listening and attention to better respond to the different needs.

The procedure for handling complaints is free, except for the expenses normally associated with the means of communication adopted.

Definition of Complaints

Based on the Bank of Italy's transparency regulation, a "Complaint" is defined as any act with which a customer, clearly identifiable, disputes in writing (for example by letter, fax or e-mail) to the intermediary its behavior or omission.

How to Make a Claim

The customer can submit a complaint to the Complaints Office of AXACTOR ITALY S.p.A by:

ordinary mail addressed to AXACTOR ITALY S.p.A., via Cascina Colombaro 36 / A, 12100 Cuneo;

fax to the number: +39 0171 693407;



Complaint Management

The intermediary must respond to the Complaints within 30 days. If the Complaint is deemed to be founded, AXACTOR ITALY S.p.A. he will communicate it in writing to the Customer, specifying the technical times within which he undertakes to provide for the resolution of the reported problem. Otherwise, if the intermediary deems the complaint unfounded, he will explain the reasons for the refusal of acceptance, specifying the possibility for the customer to appeal to the alternative dispute resolution bodies.

Out-of-court dispute resolution bodies

The Customer, in the absence of a reply within the set deadline or if dissatisfied with the outcome of the Complaint, before going to the competent Judicial Authority, may have recourse to the following out-of-court dispute resolution bodies:

Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF): to know how to contact the Arbitrator, you can consult the website, or download the ABF Guide on our website in the "Transparency" section.

Financial Banking Conciliator: to know how to contact the Conciliator consult the website, or download the Guide on our website in the "Transparency" section.

Also in this section will be inserted any future regulatory updates.

Rendiconto sull’attività di gestione dei reclami – Anno 2018

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